Bob Wards Bozeman and Butte Recreation Reports 8/16/14
By Kamp Cook

Posted: August 16, 2014

Find out the latest hunting and fishing reports in the Butte and Bozeman areas from our friends at Bob Wards.

Bozeman Butte Rec Reports 8-15-14




Archery season is almost upon us so if you’re in need of a bow, arrows, camo, scents, or other archery equipment swing on in and let us help gear you up. Speaking of “gearing up,” Bob Ward’s just completed the first staff hunting gear favorites survey. In it we asked our staff to discuss their preferred gear for all seasons. Everything from boots and camo to GPS and optics was put down in writing. You can find it all in the next issue of Big Sky Hunting and Fishing News.


Bozeman Fishing:

Gallatin-blue duns, pmds, spruce moths in the beginning of the canyon, and caddis are the best flies to use. If they are being picky try some stimis and other attractant flies, also try some red headed beetles we heard those have been the ticket as of late.

Lower and Upper Madison-Check the temperatures if the water is above 70 degrees move on to other waters. If out in the early morning when temps are cooler fish tight to the bank with caddis flies and mayflies. On cooler days during the day time aim for the deep holes with bead headed nymphs like bh prince flashback and hot head leaches in black.

Yellowstone river: Any kind of stone nymph is still working well right off the bottom. Caddis flies in any color are working great. PMDs and Yellow Sallys are working great early and late close to the bank stick to the smaller sizes. Streamer fishing is a safe bet in the morning. Look for deeper holes in the middle of the day.

If you are heading to the park don’t forget we sell Yellowstone fishing permits 3 day, 7 day, and season.

Mouth of Hyalite Creek the small fish are eating mosquitos and gnats. The larger fish are eating the smaller fish; try to mimic the smaller fish by using spoons and rooster tails that are patterned like small fish.


Butte Fishing:

Cooler evening temperatures and morning temperatures have prompted some smaller caddis hatches along the Big Hole, Beaverhead, and tributary streams. Fishing has been best early morning or during the cooler evening temperatures.

Clark Canyon Reservoir has been fishing fair on the Red Rocks end for bait fishermen. Nightcrawlers and rainbow Powerbait are good choices. Berkeley Powerbait nuggets are reportedly an excellent choice.

Rainbow have been feeding on the Orange glitter Powerbait this week at Georgetown Reservoir. The glitter component reportedly is the key element.

Fly fishermen are still casting #14 or #16 Purple Haze Parachutes, Caddis flies, and drifting the Grasshopper imitations to generate surface activity.

The kokanee are hammering Chartreuse or orange wedding rings at Hauser. The activity is hot!

If you are looking for a fun event for Labor Day, the Fly Festival at Ennis will be happening August 29th and 30th.

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