Too Much Fun….Continued (by Trevor Johnson of Kit’s Tackle)
By angelamontana

Posted: August 13, 2014

Well after a couple weeks, I’m sure everybody lost suspense of what was in my driveway…but I promise I have good reasoning for my lacking in blog appearance. To settle the suspense, dad decided we needed a bad ass G3 1860 riverboat equipped with a 115/80 jet to rock the rivers right with our guide licenses. The good folks at Townsend Marine ( got us set up right! I think it was about the most excited I have ever been! The bad news is that it hasn’t even seen water yet…I promise I’m not crazy!

Just a couple days after the boat joined our fleet…we headed to the hospital so our sweet baby girl Maclean could join us in this world. She did in fact join us and is in fact sweet…but it wasn’t your normal smooth child birth (if there is such a thing). We had quite the scare with little Maclean, but with strong prayer and family close, we pulled through. Our little Mac is one tough little trooper!

To get the full story of Maclean’s birth don’t miss the following blog titled “Magical Maclean” (coming later today on


(Written by Trevor Johnson of Kit’s Tackle)

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