Bitterroot River Fising Report by The Kingfisher Fly Shop (8.30.14)
By angelamontana

Posted: September 1, 2014

BITTERROOT RIVER FISHING REPORT: Visit for more information

The Bitterroot is the hot spot right now. Hecubas, tricos, big PMDs. For as frustrating as the Bitterroot has been this summer, it’s about time that it started being good and reliable. For dries, use large parachute adams, PMDs, Small baetis, purple hazes, tricos, drakes, caddis, Golden stones, hoppers, and other attractor patterns. For nymphs, use pheasant tails, caddis pupae, mayflies, small micro stones and Pat’s rubber legs. For Streamers use dark bodied buggers and sculpin patterns.

HATCHES/Flies: Hecubas, Tricos, PMDs, caddis, hoppers. Dark, heavy nymphs for subsurface. JJ’s specials, articulated streamers, bead-head woolly buggers.




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