Hunting With Family Provides Lasting Memories
By Toby Trigger

Posted: October 18, 2014

Hunting season reminds me of crisp autumn days following my father around as he hunted small game like pheasants, grouse and rabbits.

I also remember him leaving the house with his favorite deer rifle without me. He would often hang deer from the tree behind our house and as I got older he would let me cut out the tenderloins so we could fry them in butter with onions and peppers.

Now that I’m a Dad, it’s my turn to create the opportunity for outdoor memories for my son.

Dropping Momma off across the lake.

I am lucky that my wife enjoys hunting and fishing as much as I do. Lucky because it makes it easier to share memories with my family when the whole family is hunting! The most recent hunting outing I enjoyed was a few days ago when my son and I dropped Mamma off to stalk a herd of antelope. We came back just after sunset to find her standing out on the prairie next to her antelope! Together, we field dressed and dragged the antelope back to my truck. My son is such a great helper!

He will never forget this one!

Give a shout out if you have a favorite hunting memory from your youth. We would love to hear about it!


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