Top 12 Creative Pumpkin Carving/Decorating Ideas for 2014
By angelamontana

Posted: October 7, 2014

Are you proud of the pumpkins you grew this year in your garden, and you’re ready to get festive with the Halloween spirit?  Or maybe you just want to buy some and decorate with traditional pumpkins using unique methods of carving or displaying them.  Regardless of where you got the pumpkins, we have a list of 12 of the coolest methods you can decorate your pumpkins this year right here:


Sweeten your decorations up with some candy corn-style pumpkins! Simple to do, and they look pretty “sweet”! (image via


Keep it simple, but add some flair by making the stem a nose! (image via


If you just aren’t into actually carving pumpkins this year, try a Lego pumpkin…but don’t put a candle in it–remember that Legos are plastic…


Get creative and wacky when you give out sugar buzzes to the kiddos! Let them pick their own sucker from the head of your crazy pumpkin…but, warn them that he may bite…. (image via


imgarcade com

Pumpkin spiders are somehow very cute….yet very scary! (image via


Seriously. Spider Man pumpkin is just awesome. (image via


fadedindustry com

Turn your pumpkin into an eaten apple! You can even play off the whole Snow White thing if you have youngsters that like that movie… (image via


Okay, this is just one of the coolest pumpkin carvings I have ever seen…. (image via


That little pumpkin looks a little scared…but, I would be too if that big pumpkin had me in between those chompers! (image via


Classic man-eating pumpkin (image via


Peek-a-boo! This pumpkin has a surprise! (image via


AND…the number one pumpkin carving on the list…….we call her “Clarice”….bahahaha (image via


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