10 Reasons Why Montana Trappers Rock!!!
By Toby Trigger

Posted: November 1, 2014

     Trappers are unique people of the land. The story of the fur trapper didn’t end in the 1800’s. Not even close.

Montana trappers proudly continue their wild heritage today along with men and women in virtually every state of the U.S. and every province of Canada, across Europe, and around the world.   The wildly adventurous life style of modern day trappers is the culmination of nearly four hundred years of producing the most sustainable natural product on earth.

It is exciting to run a traditional trap line high in the mountain country, to battle weather and rugged terrain, to snowshoe for miles with a heavy load and to bring the seasons catch to sale as an extension of Americas trapping heritage.

A Trapper in Alaska with his years take of furs.  circa 1930  Photo by Rick Peacock

A seasons catch in Alaska circa 1930. (Photo courtesy Rick Peacock Hamilton, MT)

Here are 10 Reasons why Trappers Rock!

  1. Montana trappers are people with stories as wide and varied as the mountains surrounding them.
  2. The historical and cultural significance of trappers, especially in Montana cannot be overstated.   Four hundred years ago, fur trappers and hunters ventured into the wilds on foot or horseback in search of wild fur.
  3. Trappers trap for the enjoyment of being outdoors at a time of year when many people are snuggled up in blankets at home on the couch.
  4. Trappers trap no matter what the fur prices are or are predicted to be.
  5. A trapper’s world is made up of huge mountains, open prairies, tight draws, dry creek beds, trails, and a single 2″ diameter trap pan.
  6. Trappers possess in their hearts a love for the outdoors, a yearning to learn more about wildlife, tracks and tracking, and the habits of wild creatures.
  7. The trapping culture is a keystone subculture of American outdoorsmen.
  8. The men and women who participate in trapping in Montana are knowledgeable students of wildlife from firsthand experience.
  9. Fur trappers benefit all wildlife by following strict wildlife management principles.
  10. The reasons why trappers do what they do are as deep and varied as the individuals themselves, but for each of them it’s a way of life.
A seasons catch in Montana.  circa 2013

A seasons catch in Montana circa 2013.

Trapping is one of the oldest means of harvesting animals known to man. The continuation of this modern and necessary method of take is crucial for the future of our wildlife and mans connection to the land. The take home message here is – TRAPPERS ROCK!

For more information about trapping visit the Montana Trappers Association website at www.montanatrappers.org or visit the MTA on facebook.



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