Bitterroot Valley Resident Hunter Finds Success In the Mountains Again
By Toby Trigger

Posted: November 15, 2014

Remember the hunter who found the monster bull elk a couple weeks ago?  He shot an enviable  6 x 6 bull elk last weekend and compared the antlers of three different elk.

The comparison is amazing.  See “Big Bulls Live Forever” for the original story at :


Elk comparison resized

A comparison of three bulls. The bottom bull was found a few weeks ago (gross score 393 6/8) , the middle bull was harvested by Travis last weekend and the top bull was harvested by Travis in 2012.


Travis Packout Bull

This photo is of the middle bull above during the pack out last weekend and provides perspective on just how big the big bull is.

blair with antlers

This photo is of the bull on the bottom of the top photo and provides perspective.

The interesting thing about this continuing story is that Travis is primarily a meat hunter who simply wants to fill his freezer to feed his family (wife and three children). Congratulation to Travis on his incredible elk season !

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