Hidden Trappers Cabin on Hidden Lake
By Toby Trigger

Posted: November 16, 2014

One of the coolest things about exploring Montana’s backcountry is finding the remnants of the rugged trappers who have left their mark in the mountains and on the pages of history.

Like this trappers cabin found before it snowed on the shores of Hidden Lake in the Bitterroots.  With trapping season in full sing across North America it nice to remember the connection modern day trappers have with the explorers who first settled this land, with traps in hand.


Trappers Cabin found by Trigger. The Design was short and about 12’x12′. Perfect for easy heating in harsh winter conditions.

Imagine hiking miles into the wilderness with enough supplies for three months and a couple dozen traps.  You hike in ten mile loops each day and nail bait above a notch in a tree just big enough for your trap.  Each day a new loop is made and as the season goes on you begin to pile up prime furs next to the glow of your fireplace in the cabin pictured above, nestled in a valley with towering peaks all around you.

Ah, the life of the mountain man!

Do you know of any other trappers cabins worth visiting?  If you do please share!

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