Is Bowhunting Safety Improving?
By Toby Trigger

Posted: November 23, 2014

After decades of Bow hunter Education classes for new bow hunters in states across the United States the incidences of Bow hunters Falling out of treestands and getting injured rose from 1 out of 3 bow hunters to 2 out of 3 bow hunters!

The stark increase in availability of treestands on the market and the rise in bow hunters have overwhelmed the education efforts of many bow hunter education instructors.


But it’s not just bow hunters, rifle hunters take advantage of the versatility of treestands as well and are not immune to the hazards of treestand use.

tree stand safety

Keep these things in mind while using treestands:

1) Most accidents occur while climbing in and out of the stand.
2) Hunters should be connected to the tree – at all times.
3) Your life is worth the one hundred or so dollars it costs to buy a good harness system.
4) Always raise and lower your gun or bow with a haul line. Don’t try to carry them up the tree!
5) If you don’t take safety seriously you could die.

safety belt photo 2

New Safety Harness Systems allow for a full range of motion. Hunters don’t even notice the harness while in the stand.


Be safe out there. By using a treestand safety harness you’ll be able to enjoy the hunt year after year.


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