Ten Things You Probably Didn’t Know About the Montana Trappers Association
By Toby Trigger

Posted: November 8, 2014

The Montana Trappers Association has recently gained a lot of media attention and visibility with their efforts to defeat the animal rights groups who are determined to stop hunting, trapping and ranching in Montana.

But did you know the MTA was founded in 1978 and is one of more than 50 affiliates of the National Trappers Association? Did you know the MTA is a national leader in trapper education? The history of the MTA may surprise you and the importance of the organization’s success may impact your future hunting and fishing rights in Montana.


A certified MTA Instructor demonstrating proper fur handling techniques during an MTA Trapper Education Class held in Missoula.

Here are a few more amazing facts about the Montana Trappers Association:

1) The MTA holds at least one trapper education class in each of the 7 WMU regions of the state every year – (nearly 100% of the funding now comes from the MTA)
2) The MTA offers free education classes for schools, sporting events and private organizations throughout the year.
3) The MTA has numerous affiliate member organizations including the United States Sportsmen’s Alliance, Miss Rodeo Montana, MOGA and Montana Sportsmen For Fish and Wildlife
4) The MTA honors the Miss Rodeo and Miss Teen Rodeo Montana winners each year with a fur vest which they proudly wear during a minimum of three MTA events during their reign.


District 1 Director Paul Fielder stands with the Miss Rodeo and Miss Teen Rodeo Montana at the Trapper Heritage Celebration.

5) For the past 15 years the MTA has held a Youth Trapper Camp where over 120 campers and their families camp out for three days to learn about wildlife and trapping.
6) Numerous other states have adopted the YTC program which has been a huge success.
7) The MTA offers three $500 scholarships to college students annually..
8) The MTA is dedicated to responsible trapping and offers a reward for reporting unethical trapping practices.
9) The MTA meets with biologists annually to review harvest data and adjustments are made to fur harvest quotas based on input from trappers.


Coyote pelts ready for sale at the annual MTA fur Sale.

10) The MTA is the leading trapping organization in the state of Montana and has recently received national recognition by the NTA for its efforts in promoting trapping.
Few organizations have contributed so much to the conservation of wildlife as the Montana Trappers Association. The MTA continues to be a leader in conservation and outdoor pursuits.

For more information visit www.montanatrappers.org

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