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Helena Recreation Report by Bob Ward’s Sports and Outdoors (12.19.14)
By angelamontana

Posted: December 19, 2014


Pheasant grouse and fall turkey season is coming to an end January 1st and duck and geese hunting will come to a close January 11th so come on in get your gear and get out there while you can!

Winter mountain lion season with use of hounds opened December 1st and goes until April 14th. Remember any tag purchased after August 31st of this year will not be valid until five days following the purchase date. There is an exception with a drawn special tag, it is automatically valid.


Helena Ice Report: Ice is pretty scarce so far around Helena, there are reports of some folks ice fishing near shore on Hauser and near the causeway, as well, but the ice conditions were not ideal. Canyon Ferry has reports of ice 4-6” by the boat ramps and the ice line is at Hole in the Wall but some are fishing straight out from the ramps. If you are heading out always check the ice thickness and be careful. If you are unfamiliar with ice conditions and ice safety a few more weeks of colder temperatures should make things a bit more stable and safe.

Fly fishing: With the warm weather this week it’s a great time to get out. Think small and pink…nymphing with pinks reds and salmon colors should produce. The Missouri’s running 4600 CFS at wolf creek and if it stays around the 40’s and partly cloudy it’d be a great day to call in sick and enjoy the holidays on the river.

(Report by Ryan Corwin – Bob Ward’s Sports and Outdoors)

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