Montana Hunting and Fishing Report 12/20/14
By Kamp Cook

Posted: December 20, 2014

Happy holidays. Between prepearing for family events and last minute shopping, its a good week to get out and do a little hunting and fishing. Hear the latest statewide reports from the Montana Outdoor Radio Show.

December 20th Summaries
Bill Brown at Bob Wards says bird season is slow, but there’s been good success for area geese hunters. Ice fishing is getting better and in the Bitterroot area you can still fish Georgetown Lake.
Brett French Outdoor editor of the Billings Gazette describes his hunting experiences thus far, which skiing areas are ready able and open already, and then previews his weekly article at
Chancy at Snappy’s says the ice is still holdin’ in for the Flathead River areas.
Dale from Don’s in Lewistown says paddle fish are running so come on out for catch and release.
Dallas at Highline Cleaners in Chester says they making ice today, the local ponds are making ice and by this week end, area fisherman should be good to go for the season
John Harris from Lakeside Resort in Trout Creek says there no snow and ice right now, and January 17th and 18th the Great Montana Coyote and Wolf Hunt..
Jim at Westside Sports says there is some good ice conditions going on right now for Nelson.
Leonard from Roberts Bait and Tackle says Francis 5-6 inches of ice, Baileys has 8 to 10 inches, Fresno has 12-14 inches in the bays, and Tiber up I in the Willow Creek Arm 6-14 inches.
Ron Aashiem reminds us not to take the outdoors for granted, and for more information go online at
Trevor Johnson of Kits Tackle says the Helena area has some incredible open water fishing going on right now.
Tyler from Rocky Mountain Supply in Dillon says the warmer weather has had an impact for area hunters especially in the back country areas.

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