An Awesome Example of Why You Should Take a Kid Fishing
By angelamontana

Posted: January 9, 2015

1477950_455904387849392_1514510304_nAmalia Trueax, of Missoula, is raising her daughter right!  As an avid angler and huntress herself, Amalia has passed her passion for the outdoors on to her 10 year-old daughter, Shaebree (aka Sass).  Not only is Sass interested in fishing and hunting, but, it turns out, she is a natural with a fishing pole and an ice rod!  As a matter of fact, she can outfish many lifelong adult anglers, including her own Mom!  “She’s nailing them.  I never thought I’d be outfished [by my daughter],” Amalia proudly stated while ice fishing on Thursday.  Sass has won three fishing derbies in a row, with one in 2013 and two last year.  Pretty impressive fishing resume for a 10 year-old!

Awesome work to Mom, Amalia, for showing her daughter how to take advantage of everything the great outdoors has to offer, and awesome work to Sass for kicking so much butt out there in and on the water.  If you see Lil Miss Sass while you’re out fishing, chances are you will see her reel in some pretty awesome fish.  It’s fantastic to see pictures and hear stories of youngsters these days out there with fishing poles, rifles and cameras rather than sitting on the couch playing video games all day, every day.  Very cool.

We look forward to more updates from Amalia and Sass this summer!  Way to go!


High five to Sass!


31 inches and 22 pounds!




Miss Sass reeling them in through the ice on Thursday!


All smiles–about to get their fishing on!


Carp slayer!

 (All photos courtesy of Amalia Trueax)

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