Shot Show Surprises with Colonel Smoothbore
By angelamontana

Posted: January 25, 2015

The National Shooting Sports Foundation’s (NSSF) annual Shooting, Hunting, and Outdoor Trade Show (Shot Show) ended this past Friday. Unfortunately, I was again unable to attend. The annual Shot Show is the biggest gathering of new products from firearms and accessories manufacturers anywhere in the world. Thousands of new goodies are on display. Over the next several months, I’ll try to get you information and if possible a test or two on some of the new items. I’m listing some of the items that peaked my interest. If you would like to check the show’s new items, just click on this link:


smithandwessonportedSmith & Wesson has some new finishes for their M&P pistols; one that I found was particularly attractive is the carbon fiber mosmithandwessoncarbondel. S&W also added a tutone black and dark earth model to the line. S&W’s Performance Center has added a line of M&P pistols with ported barrels and slides cut for some small red dot optics such as the Leupold Delta Point. The PC guns also have improved triggers.

Rock Island/ Armsco will market a .22 TCM conversion kit for Glock Gen1-Gen3 G17/22. This is a really interesting cartridge, but there aren’t many guns available in this chambering. I predict Glock owners will make or break the .22 TCM.

rugerlcp38customRuger is putting better sights on their LCPs; this is an upgrade that is really needed. ruger22The “bump” on the front of the barrel of the original guns was, in my opinion, pretty much worthless. The new sight is of the “glow in the dark variety” and the trigger is colored red. Ruger has also added a 22/45 blue anodized gun with much improved sights.

Remington is reintroducing the Model 7 stainless bolt action. The guns have 20 inch barrels, with the exception of the .300 WSM chambering which is 22 inches. They are equipped with the X-Mark Pro trigger.

mossbergblazemossbergcamoMossberg is introducing a line of “Blaze” guns including an AK replica. These are very attractive rifles and my guess is they will be quite popular.

newspringfieldSpringfield Armory has a new “loaded” M1A rifle that is really cool. The stock has bunches of adjustment for the shooter. This is one of those rifles that goes on my wish list.

corerifleCore Rifle Systems is a fairly new player in the AR market. The company is building rifles with mostly “in house” components. I have not been able to test one of their guns yet, but from the research I have done, they appear to be very fine rifles. I’ve read great reviews on their guns, especially the barrels they produce. They are introducing a new line called HardcoreX.

Sig will enter the optics market with a line of scopes and will add a practice load to their ammunition line. They also introducing some new pistols including a P250 chambered in .22 LR.

There will be more surprises to come from this year’s Shot Show; I’m anxious for the cover to come off a new S&W Shield accessory has been whispered about. Browning, Winchester, and TC I’m sure will have some interesting new products. Stay tuned.

Be safe and good shooting.

Colonel Smoothbore


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