Why Should Eggs Be Stored Pointy End Down?
By angelamontana

Posted: January 27, 2015
Do you have a chicken coop, and do you collect the eggs from your chickens for eating or even hatching?  It is said that eggs should be stored with the pointy end facing down.  But, why?  Here is some helpful information that explains why from fresheggsdaily.com:
Eggs should be stored pointed end down to keep the yolk centered and keep any bacteria as far as possible from the yolk, which is far more likely to be contaminated by any bacteria that enters the egg than the non-bacteria friendly white. Air and bacteria enter the egg through the blunt end into the air sac located there. If you store the egg blunt end down, the air pocket will rise, touch the yolk and risk contaminating it. By storing eggs blunt end up, the pocket of air stays away from the yolk, and the egg stays fresh longer.
That being said, since we use our eggs so quickly and they are ‘backyard coop fresh’, I don’t worry so much and usually keep a bowl of eggs on the kitchen counter that I use first and then store the rest in the fridge, topsy-turvy. Go figure.
End Note: If you are collecting eggs for hatching, then storing them pointed end down until you are ready to incubate them is very important. Keeping the yolk and air sac in place and intact is very important for optimal hatchability.
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