Hunting Camp Dreams! (by Montana Grant)
By angelamontana

Posted: February 3, 2015

eastleepSleeping at hunting camp is always restful, but can be interrupted by strange dreams. You would think that hunters would dream about a big buck, pheasants, or some sweet looking huntress.

The other night at Waterfowl Camp, I had a dream that just kept happening. I woke up exhausted from my nighttime adventure.

I am a retired School Teacher and can’t get rid of my “Teacher Dreams”. Whatever your profession is, I am sure that you have dreams about the job. Cops dream about crooks, Firemen dream about fires, and Teachers dream about school. Ironically, I rarely dream about hunting.

My dreams take on one of 3 themes. The first dream is about the student from Hell that is crazy and out of control. The second dream is about having an unannounced Evaluation team arrive to my class. The third dream happened at Waterfowl Camp.

We had a great goose hunt and enjoyed a wonderful deer crock pot meal. Sweet tea, snacks, and a beer were on the menu. After watching the news, we hit the sack and my “Dream” began.

I simply could not find my classroom. Time was short and no matter which way I turned, it was the wrong hallway. My lesson was ready, and I was excited about teaching, but where in the heck is my classroom? Up the stairs and down the stairs I traveled. My students were going to be out of control because they had no teacher. Several old teaching friends tried to help me during the dream, but to no avail. Finally, the alarm went off and the quest was over.

They say dreaming is a healthy thing. We process concerns and problems while we rest. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could program our dreams? Tonight I want to watch “Goose Huntresses Doing It in the Pits!” Now that would be a great dream.

Instead, I am napping in the Goose Pit waiting to hear a flock of geese come near, trying to make sense out of my stupid teaching dream.

Wake me up when a flock of geese show up!

Montana Grant

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