Please SPEAK UP for Montana Sportsmen/Sportswomen and Agriculture
By angelamontana

Posted: February 6, 2015

Here is some information for those who support Montana sportsmen/sportswomen and agriculture:


On Tuesday, February 10th at 3pm, the first reading of HB 212 in the Senate Fish & Game Committee will take place.  Sportsmen and sportswomen are the majority in Montana, and we NEED our voices heard more than ever now!  Please don’t assume that because you know Joe Schmoe is speaking up that he will be enough of a voice for the both of you–Montana needs to represented by YOU, too!

Every sportsman and sportswoman who cares about their right to hunt, fish, trap and also supports agriculture in our great state should speak up at the reading on Tuesday, February 10th at 3pm or via comment online in support of HB 212 (click HERE to comment and click the “Committee” option and choose “Senate Fish and Game” to submit your support for HB 212, which would “define the word harvest to include ‘take’ by means of angling, hunting and trapping.  The Preservation and Harvest Heritage clause of our Montana Constitution provides us the right to harvest wild fish and wild game animals”).

If you hunt, fish and/or trap and support agriculture in Montana, then PLEASE make your voice heard by showing your support for HB 212.  Your attendance at the first reading on Tuesday, February 10th a

t 3:00pm at the capitol building in Helena WILL make a difference.  If you can’t physically attend, PLEASE take one minute out of your day right now to show your support for HB 212 by submitting your comment online to the Senate Fish and Game Committee by clicking HERE and following the instructions in the above paragraph.  You can also watch the streaming footage online of the first reading on Tuesday, February 10th at 3:00pm by clicking here.Thank you for everything you do to represent sportsmen and sportswomen and voice your support for hunting, fishing, trapping and agriculture in our beautiful state of Montana.

In closing, before you do anything else, PLEASE click HERE and show your support for HB 212 right now so that the Senate Fish and Game Committee knows where YOU stand before the first reading on Tuesday, February 10th at 3:00pm.  Thank you for being a part of keeping alive what makes Montana so great.


(Feature photo via Trapline Photography)

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