Team Fate Outdoors Gets Up Close and Personal with Mountain Lion [VIDEO]
By angelamontana

Posted: February 23, 2015

How close have YOU been to one of Montana’s great predators in the wild?  Specifically, a mountain lion?

Justin Field, of Team Fate Outdoors, has gotten closer than a lot people would even want to get!  If you haven’t heard of Team Fate Outdoors, then you might possibly live under a rock.  The footage you will find on the Team Fate Outdoors Facebook page states that what they do is “not just a passion but a way of life”.  Field and his crew are avid sportsmen and sportswomen who dedicate a huge majority of their life to being outdoors and experiencing everything our amazing state has to offer.  It might be safe to say that when they aren’t out there in the mountains, then they are most likely thinking about being out there and planning their next adventure.

Take a look at the awesome footage Field captured after he and his crew treed a nice tom with their hounds, and be sure to give Team Fate Outdoors a Facebook like to check out more of their awesome videos and get updates on what they have found on their latest expeditions:


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