What is Your Outdoorsman Social Media Title?
By angelamontana

Posted: February 19, 2015

Field and Stream recently posted an article about outdoorsmen and their connection with social media–take a look at the chart below, and match up your final answer with the appropriate description.  Do you agree with your designated social media title as an outdoorsman?


The Anti-socialist
We get it: Social media isn’t for you. At best, you have a Facebook account that you haven’t updated since the day your kid set it up for you. If a friend kills a buck, you’d rather congratulate him on the phone than click a “like” button.

The Buddy
You don’t troll (except for fish). You don’t write in hashtags. Best of all, you don’t post all day long and you’re supportive of other outdoorsmen on social media. In other words, you’re the kind of guy anyone would welcome at camp.

The Addict
It’s all about likes, followers, and hashtags for you. Sunrise photo of the farm pond? Break out the X-Pro II filter! Psyched for opening day? #HellYeah! Do yourself (and us all) a favor: Put down the phone and pick up a rod.

The High-fence Heckler
You’re a camo-clad troll, who won’t rest until the whole world knows: (1) You would’ve killed an even bigger buck if you had access to the same “high-fence” spot. (2) You should be the one with the sponsorships and TV show.

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