By Toby Trigger

Posted: March 15, 2015

The biggest fly tying event in the US was held in Albany Oregon March 13, 14.  The worlds most famous fly tyers and fly fishing icons were at the event sharing everything they know.


Fly tyers from around the country lined up at tables and tied flies. Anyone with an interest was encouraged to pull up a chair and learn.


Vendors at the event included Rainys Flies, a company known for their exceptional flies who unveiled the new “Steelhead Underground” fly series.   49 new flies are now available specifically tied for steelhead. The flies were created by the industry’s top fly tyers.


The creators of the underground steelhead line of flies from Rainy’s.


Trey Combs, Jeff Cottrell, Jack Mitchell and Michael Davidchik developed this new line of flies with a goal to “improve on traditional styles and giving a contemporary look” said Jesse Riding, Marketing Manager for Rainy’s .

All flies were tested by avid steelheaders before introducing them to the public.

Temple Fork Outfitters with their best fly rods lined up were also impressive.

TFO Rods lined up at the Expo

TFO Rods lined up at the Expo


The Aquaz wader company had their latest top quality products on display and Gary Horton was representing the Northwest Rod and Supply Company.

Casting ponds for kids were a big hit and many organizations were their supporting our troops and cancer victims.


While the fly fishing industry is clearly making huge efforts to reach out to needy people, the center piece of the show was the incredible fly tying knowledge available at tables stretching out across the expo center with dozens of fly tying vices and knowledgeable tyers tying flies all day for two days.


Legendary fly fishers like Jim Teeny put on presentations and tied flies for audiences.

Other famous fly tyers included:

Combs, Trey (WA): Steelhead author and famed tyer of hair-wing flys.

Flaherty, James (OR): Protégé of George Grant style woven hackle flys.

Hammond, Rockwell (WA): International fly tying awards winner and Atlantic salmon tyer.

Hirsh, Ilene (OR): Specializes in Alaska fly patterns for trout and Pacific salmon.

Leong, Jackson (OR): International leader in developing realistic insect patterns.

Marshall, Andrew (OR): Author, historian and tyer of the olde trout flys.

Marshall, George (OR): 15-year-old tyer and 2X winner of “Clipped Fly Contest”.

Masuda, Kuni (WA): Tyer of Japanese Shimazaki hollow body dry flys and nymphs.

Powell, Roy (CA): Innovative tyer of the adult mayfly and caddis.

Richmond, Scott (OR): Author, fly fishing web master and world traveler with fly rod.

Rossman, Paul (CT): Publisher of creative salmon fly art books and artistic fly tyer.

Royer, Karen (WA): Karen excels in realistic insect patterns using natural materials.

Simpson, Mel (FL): Saltwater tyer with a flair of brightly colored feathers.

Silvey, Brian (OR): Deschutes guru and tyer of all flys steelhead.

Singletary, Preston (WA): Seattle icon and tyer of masterful pieces of art.

Smith, Monte (OR): Long-time Expo instructor and tyer of original and unique Pacific NW flys.

Wood, Garren (OR): National demo tyer who specializes in beautiful woven body flies.

West, Shawn (WA): Deer-hair master and tyer of colorful bass bugs.

David Williams (WA): Author who specializes in western states smallmouth bass

This event occurs annually. Auction items and Raffles raise funds used for the betterment of water sheds and fisheries.

If you’re a fly fishing enthusiast, make plans to attend this event in 2016!

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