Leave Your Legacy with the Help of a Legacy Stick
By angelamontana

Posted: March 16, 2015

walkingsticksDo you find yourself picking up large sticks and using them as walking sticks while you’re out hiking or walking around the mountains?  Whether you have a new or old injury or maybe you just want that extra help moving around, Legacy Sticks can help.  These beautiful hand-crafted walking sticks are made out of all types of wood, including walnut, diamond willow and cedar.  They not only make your walking experience more comfortable, but they are also eye-catchers and certain to be attention getters.

Currently, the owner of Legacy Sticks, Richard Demler, who operates his business out of Michigan’s upper peninsula town of Menominee, is finishing up a custom Legacy Stick that he created for and donated to a local animal shelter’s upcoming fundraiser (stick pictured on the right with the turquoise inlay paw prints). Legacy Sticks can customize your walking stick or you can check out the variety of currently available sticks for sale on their Facebook page by clicking here.  Legacy Sticks currently ships to customers nationwide and prices for the sticks range from $40 and up, plus shipping and handling.

Demler started Legacy Sticks after finding a large stick that he picked up on the banks of the Missouri River while on a fishing trip in Montana.  The stick pictured in the feature photo is the Montana-native stick that inspired the creativity and passion that is Legacy Sticks.

Leave your legacy with the help of a Legacy Stick.  They make great gifts and are fantastic for collectors!

You can also call 906.863.9845 for more information if you do not have access to the Legacy Sticks Facebook page.

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