Unwanted Fishing Buddy! (by Montana Grant)
By angelamontana

Posted: March 3, 2015

Igrantmtce fishing can be a lonely and cold experience without a buddy. The experience gets even lonelier if you are not getting any bites and the temperature drops even more.

I discovered another challenge when ice fishing with an unwelcomed Buddy! Recently, I have been exploring some new ice fishing spots and travelled to an uncrowded place that was full of yellow perch, crappies and bluegills.

The fishing was hot and I was loading up the ice with fat roe-filled yellow perch. I cut a line of holes that allowed me to explore the area. Ice fishermen are always on the hunt for the best “Honey hole”.

I caught a few at several holes and started to fish my way back. The trick was to bounce the rapala jig just off the bottom. The rod attached spring bobber helped me to see the soft bites that turned into fat perch.

My mind was on the soon to be prepared fish fry and great story. Fish after fish were filling the ice and not another fisherman was in sight…or so I thought!

Ice fishing requires you to focus on your spring bobber to see the bites. While watching the boober intently, I failed to notice that I had company.

When I looked back at my ice holes, there was not a fish to be seen! At first, I thought that they may have flipped back into the water. Maybe one or two could have made it to the water but not several.

The Great Blue Heron stepped forward as if to say, what’s for dessert. The Unwanted Fishing Buddy had eaten every perch that I put on the ice! It is amazing how they can swallow a fish whole! He was so fat, that he chose to run a safe distance away rather than fly.

So much for my fish fry!

Montana Grant

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