Five DIY Fuel Foods to Take in Your Hunting/Fishing/Trapping Pack
By angelamontana

Posted: April 28, 2015

So, it happens to all of us….you’ve been out in the mountains since before the sun rose, and now it’s been at least three hours of daylight.  Then, your stomach rumbles.  You hadn’t even realized just how empty your belly was, but when you start thinking about it, your angry appetite takes over your brain and all you can think about is getting something to eat.  Don’t beat yourself up because you forgot to stop by the store and grab some pre-made granola bars or trail mix.  Try making your own snack pack foods with these recipes.  That way, you can have a bulk supply of anything you will need:


Customize your trail mix, and only add what YOU like.. (via


Make your own snack sticks at home with Hi-Country Snack Stick Sausage Seasoning! They also have How-To videos right on their website! Click here:

Honey Nut Coconut Bars- Vegan and Gluten Free!

Coconut Almond Bars–made at home? Yes, you can do this yourself! Keep in mind you can customize your flavors, too, so if you don’t like coconut? Replace it! If you don’t like almonds? Replace it! How to here:

fruit leather

Remember fruit rollups? Sweet, chewy and fruity? Well, here’s how you can make your own! Get that boost of energy you need with homemade “Fruit Leather”! Click here:


Let’s face it–when we’re hunting, we aren’t always thinking about food or anything other than the animals we are after. So, power balls are a great addition to your hunting pack, as they give you a boost of much-needed energy to keep you on the go all day. Make your own fuel for your body, and don’t forget, you can customize the ingredients! Click here:


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