Opening Day! (with Montana Grant)
By angelamontana

Posted: April 6, 2015

tsThe last few weeks marked the Opening Day for Trout Season in Pennsylvania and Maryland! Needless to say, I am not the only fisherman on the stream. Everyone shows up to take their first cast of the year.

The banks are crowded with anxious anglers. At sunrise, or there about, the fishing begins. Grandfathers, kids, ladies, perfectly equipped fly fishermen, and rookies are up at sunrise, in the cold and rain and snow to catch a trout!

The truth is that the trout are just the excuse to get out. Americans are all about tradition and being first. The first shot at a big buck, or the first cast at a huge trout. First is best and bigger is better.

Several of my invited fishing buddies “wussed” on me this year. “I don’t like crowds” or “Stocked trout are no fun”, or “Trout fishing is best when I have the place to myself”, or “I hate to get up so early!”  They always have a full limit of excuses.

The truth is that we are not getting any younger. Each trout season is one less opportunity. Every season is a fresh start and opportunity to make new friends, catch more fish, and celebrate fishing. Everyone gets excited to catch a fish! Stocked, wild, big, or small, fishing is just great FUN!

ts2Heck, 10% of the fishermen catch 90% of the trout anyway! You’ll get your limit with patience and good skills. If you are not interested in fishing, take someone that wants to learn and guide them. There will be plenty of fish for them to catch.

Opening Days are BIG PARTIES! It is always B.Y.O.B., “Bring your own bait”! Everyone loves a fun party. It is just fun getting all dressed up to meet a bunch of new and old friends. Old stories take on a new twist, new stuff is shown off, and with each cast there is a new opportunity to catch the big one.

We all have enjoyed big crowds in the past. Perhaps it was a Marathon, night club, football games, theater, fireworks, concerts, or maybe an opening day. It is not about the big crowds but rather about our attitudes. Just lighten up and approach the event for what it is, a celebration that we are still around and just like to have fun with family and friends.

And while we are at it, maybe we can catch a big one too!

Tight lines, full limits, and no excuses!

Montana Grant

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