The Bears Are Out in Montana
By Toby Trigger

Posted: April 25, 2015

Hunters have been finding bears actively feeding already this spring season in western Montana.

Reports from hunters indicate that early spring weather has helped fresh grass shoots and other plants begin to grow along the open hillsides just below snowline and in saturated areas.

Its a good time to glass areas that are beginning to “green up” in the early morning hours and in the evening.  Bears found in the last remaining hour of daylight should be left alone if there is a risk of spooking the bear.

Bears are likely to return to the same area for several days in a row during the early spring.  As they wake up from hibernation, they won’t travel far and will continue to return to a newly found food source each day.  Rather than trying to get to the bear before dark with limited daylight left, it is often better to hike to the place where you saw the bear the next day and get into shooting position before the bear comes out.

Often, hunters who return to the feeding area the next day and get into position several hours before dark will have an opportunity to  get close.

Remember to always check the wind direction before pursuing a bear and be aware that the thermal winds can make or break your hunt.  By anticipating the wind and being patient you can better position yourself for spring bear success.

Good Luck!


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