The REAL Story of the “Siamese Pike”?
By angelamontana

Posted: April 27, 2015

Two fishermen decided to take a fishing trip on a small lake after seeing the “Siamese pike” post that has gone viral on the internet–these anglers were going to debunk the myth of this fish:


Watch how this angler and his friend Paul claim to have disproven the original angler’s claim.  What do you think of this:


He took two pike…one a bit smaller than the other


He shoved the smaller pike into the larger pike’s gill…..


And it looks like he caught a “freak of nature”

So, even though he isn’t the actual angler who caught the other pike, does this convince you that it is not real?

To read how this angler caught the pike above, click here. (note there is adult language posted on the link page)

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