Father’s Day Post for…
By angelamontana

Posted: June 21, 2015

Dear Son and Daughter,

Fathers and children kid fishinghave a special bond. The time spent together hunting, fishing, camping, and doing outdoor things, prepares us to become men and women. I have been blessed to have a “buck” and “doe”; my favorite Son and my favorite Daughter.

The first fish made you pout and cry, the first buck made you smile and scream, and our campfire talks made you laugh and think. To be a man or woman, you must count for something. There is a time to set the hook, pull the trigger, and to stand for what is right! These lessons are taught and are handed down from parents to children.

Timing is everything. You know the difference between right and wrong. Your Mother taught you to be a Gentleman or how to be a feminine woman. Life, mistakes, and your Father taught you how to Cowboy or Cowgirl up! Good things will happen if you don’t quit!

Trust your gut! God knows that you’ve eaten plenty during your life. Feed voraciously on all that life offers. It is a buffet that closes when you get old. Don’t waste a moment!

 Jessie's First BassYour successes belong to you, but so do your failures. Mistakes are when you learn. It was important and ok that you took risks and challenged yourself. If you never tried to be different, you would be just like everyone else.

Never be satisfied! You are not perfect and never will be. It is perfect to be human and always strive to be your BEST! Parents will always be proud of you. Being good is just not good enough. We expect you to be more than your best. What would you expect of your children?

Always be true to yourself! I will always love and respect you. Make a difference with your life. True wealth adds up when you help others and stay true to your values. I am the wealthiest Father in the world!

Always BE YOUR BEST…but sometimes the best we can do is to start over!

Love Montana Grant
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