Slow Cooked Venison Breakfast Tacos–Yummmmmmm
By angelamontana

Posted: June 9, 2015

We found the perfect way to use up some of last year’s venison AND please the fam simultaneously!  This recipe may have the word breakfast in its title, but it is a fantastic choice for any time of day and any meal!  For the bacon lovers out there, be sure to include bacon!  Let us know what you think of this:

Clem’s Hit Th’ Door Breakfast Burritos

  • Venison sausage, or slow-cooked venison that has been pulled
  • 12-inch tortillas
  • Scrambled eggs
  • Potatoes, diced or shredded
  • Shredded cheese, cheddar
  • 1 onion, sliced into thin strips
  • 1 bell pepper, sliced into thin strips
  • 1 bag shredded lettuce
  • Jalapenos, seeded and sliced into thin strips
  • Pico de gallo or salsa
  • Fresh avacado, halved and sliced, or fresh guacamole
  • Salt and pepper, to taste

BurritoHit The Door Version: Prep the sausage or slow-cooked venison the night before and toss it into the microwave or skillet for a quick warm-up. Ditto on the scrambled eggs and potatoes. I don’t care for refried beans, so I use the fresh guacamole as the binder. Spread some on the tortilla, then add the venison, eggs and whatever else is available. I like everything. If you want the onions and peppers sauteed, well, then you’ll have to get up earlier or do them the night before, too. I don’t mind if the onions and peppers are raw. Roll up the tortilla and maybe hit it again in the microwave for 20-30 seconds. Wrap in tinfoil and hit the road.

Camp ‘n Coffee Version: This is for when you have time and can make everything hot on the spot. The slow-cooked pulled venison can be reheated, of course, after you make it with your smoker or in the oven (see Leysath’s highlighted recipe link above). If you’re using venison sausage that you ground and made yourself, heat it up in the skillet. I prefer link or patty sausage; the links fit the burrito and the patty can be formed or cut to fit. If you have a big group, lay out a spread of the onions, shredded lettuce, bell peppers, maybe some jalapenos, chopped cilantro, cheese, pico, guac and salsa. Fresher is better. To save time, buy pre-chopped onions, peppers and such at the grocery store. (Make this fresh, easy guacamole and you won’t buy store-bought again.)

For the hearty combo all-in-one deal, saute the peppers and onions and then add the potatoes. Mix the shredded cheese with the eggs in a bowl, stir around, and then put into a hot skillet (medium-high heat) with two pats of butter to scramble. About halfway through add the pepper-onion-tater mix. Stir, remove when the eggs are done and then let everyone combine the sausage, egg-cheese-tater/pepper combo and whatever other fresh fixings. Serve with warm tortillas. Or you can prepare and keep everything separate, in case someone doesn’t want something. Time is your friend so make the most of it. A hearty breakfast (or brunch) burrito is a good way to enjoy the morning.

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