Chrome Dreams (by Trevor Johnson of Kit’s Tackle)
By angelamontana

Posted: July 29, 2015

Last Monday, our friend Bruce Stell joined us for a day of guided fishing at the Gates of the Mountains.  Bruce is an aquired fly fisherman but wanted to learn the world of ultralight jig fishing.  Wanting to target the big trout we knew it would be tough with the hot conditions. WE WERE WRONG…VERY WRONG!  In fact, by lunchtime we about had Bruce’s arm worn out.  We found some weed beds and pitched our small marabou and glass minnows right up to the edge and jigged them back…or tried!!  On many casts we didn’t get past the weed line and KAPOW!!  The summer peak fish are hot and they are chromed freight trains…you have to hold onto your rods here folks!!  They hit so hard you could lose a rod into the lake real easy.  This is what makes it so fun…as you let your jig sink and you see your line go “tink” you set the hook in a popping motion the same time the 23” rainbow is going twenty mph the other direction=FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

bruce1 bruce2 bruce3 bruce4

After slaying over twenty rainbows between 18-23’’ we spent part of the afternoon on an amazing jumbo yellow perch bite.  Bruce decided it would be a bonus if he could take home an excellent fish dinner to his wife.  Not to mention these beefy little devils are about the funnest fish to pursue.  Our slip bobber method provides loads of fun for any anglers!!  With the late afternoon left we decided to try and hook Bruce into a giant brown so we took him to our sacred shoreline!  Casting into every nook and cranny waiting for that harvest colored flash…the evening was upon us.  Although we didn’t find Mr. Brown, Bruce did wrangle in his very first walleye all on his own.



It was a very rewarding day watching Bruce master the art of the “Johnson Jig” in a days work. And I’m not sure who is more sore…my shoulders from lifting the net or Bruce’s arms from a boatfull of epic battles.  Man what an awesome fishery to catch big bows all morning, then have an blast catching perch (which brings out the kid in anyone) and then wrap it up with a few walleye and a chance at a brown trout as long as your leg!!


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