Tiber Heating Up For The Captain
By Hookemharry

Posted: July 21, 2015

Not only is it 90 degrees today, Matt Mackinaw, Hookemharry and The Captain had a great morning at Tiber Reservoir. Below are a few fish pictures, along with exactly what we were catching them on. Make sure you pay close attention to the back of the slow death hook bag to see exactly how to put on the worm.

What they bit on today:

The walleye were all caught on either small orange smiley blades or small blue smiley blades (all using slow death hooks as pictured below with night crawlers). We found that between 7am and noon was the hottest time period. We also brought in a handful of perch and hooked on to a few northern.

If you’re fishing tiber try the blue or orange smileys with a couple of beads and you’ll be good.

Big shout out to RU’s Tiber Marina for the wireless internet, showers and ice cream!

tiber2 tiber3

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