Controversial Closing of Walleye Fishing on Famous Lake
By angelamontana

Posted: August 10, 2015

“The walleyes aren’t biting on night crawlers, or on leeches or minnows, it seems. Slip sinker rigs are no good. Spinners and bobbers are duds. Not even the death roll walleye spinner rig does any damage,” according to a recent article on that is referring to a famous lake in Minnesota known for its walleye fishing, Lake Mille Lacs, that is now closed to walleye fishing.

The closing has created a split among locals, and it is quite an issue in the area.

“It might seem like a prudent trade-off to stop walleye fishing for the year as part of a long-term solution, but folks who count votes for a living define “long-term” as the date of the next election. So the people who don’t trust government got together with the people who don’t trust the tribes and the people who don’t trust science and gathered around the governor and the man who counts fish. It was like a gang of Catholics had walked into a Lutheran church supper. A couple of people even got a little snippy.”

To read more on this controversial story, click HERE.

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