Fly Fishing Collaborative Update
By angelamontana

Posted: August 2, 2015

Big things are happening with the Fly Fishing Collaborative, which is an organization that focuses on rescuing kids from human trafficking through the efforts of the Fly Fishing Community. Find out where they have been traveling and what they have to report here:

Farm Report
Success in RwandaEvery country Fly Fishing Collaborative has traveled to contains it’s own set of challenges and Rwanda was no exception. Despite water complications, power outages, a vehicle accident, theft, minor-injury, faulty materials and old construction equipment, build managers, Jason, Brenda and each construction crew member relied once again on sheer determination and ingenuity to overcome many sets of obstacles. And, as usual great resolve brought everyone home saying, “job well done.” The expertise of  auquaponics managers, Jason and Brenda; the dedication of hard working crews who dig deep to complete manual labor in the harshest of conditions; and you as a collaborator, who communicated, shared, and gave from your passion is fishing is what made the Rwanda farm build a reality.
In completion, it is a great joy to report that over 800 kids in Rwanda are now benefiting from the biggest fish farm FFC has helped to support. The aquaponics based farm contains over 20,000 gallons of water, 650 sq feet of vegetable grow beds and 18,000 gallons of water filtration space, it will be the highest producing fish farm to date and the only one of its kind in Rwanda. Calculations estimate fish sales alone from the one farm will generate between 40,000-60,000 U.S dollars annually for the children. Can you imagine what it will provide a country where one child can be sent to a private school for 800 dollars!? Power has now been placed in the hands of the powerless. Collaboration amongst all of you working together is what accomplished this great feat and is the great change being offered to poor and the oppressed around the world. It’s marvelous! Thanks be given to each of you for all you do in participation and sharing.
In The News
The FFC Story Reaches MillionsSpring and early summer have been a a whirlwind of amazing communication and support from a wide array of media channels, lending broadcasting to spread the good works completed by you as FFC collaborators. Communicators like RealSimple Magazine, Uncrate, Bespoke, Revive Fly Fishing, Alaska Guide list, and so many other editorials and blogs helped tell this story to an estimated 15 million plus households. As a result, many new editorials have now joined the collaborative. Through their communication passion, the story will continue to be shared during quarter three and four of this year.
And, as these next publications prepare for their release dates, please know you too are always welcome to spread the word about Fly Fishing Collaborative to anyone and everyone who might take interest. As good as social media is, word of mouth is better and you are an FFC ambassador! Please don’t be afraid to get out there and help spread the invitation to collaborate.
Collaborator Spotlight
James Reid Steps InIt is a privilege to share the beautiful words and photo from James Reid, who captured the meaning of collaboration and the outlook on how each person’s passions can provide more.  His words and image follow:
“Bamboo and classic salmon patterns. In my eyes, they walk the same paths together, as they have for more than a century. I have seen and read many posts from Fly Fishing Collaborative and their rather unique way of bringing together fly fishers to enact a mojor change in the lives of some who could really use it. I also admire their modern approach of using social media to raise awareness and to help educate as through a common passion… Not to mention, I really love seeing the stunning flies that so many brilliant tyers spend so many hours making to donate with themes of human injustice, saving children and the ‘bigger picture’ in mind.  In Bucky Buchstaber’s words, ‘They are tying with a purpose.’
Having looked further into the work they are doing to help children communities abroad, I felt compelled to speak with FFC about how I might donate/collaborate through some passions of my own.  One: fly fishing.  Two: making split cane fly rods to enhance the joy of the first thing.  With FFC’s very first fundraising banquet/auction scheduled for this coming spring in Portland (a place I love visiting for so, so many reasons), I knew immediately that my best way to contribute would be to make a rod to donate to this first large scale fundraising event. I’m proud to be able to lend a hand as so many others already have to the FFC’s efforts, and I’m very excited to get started on making this cane rod.
Even though it will still be quite a few months before I can begin work on this rod, my stoke is so high that I could not help selecting this culm and placing it in the ‘build’ rack, marking it ‘FFC Donation,’ where I will see it almost daily. Fly Fishing Collaborative is doing good work, and I feel good this morning, on the inside, for committing to do my part.
Check out FFC’s website for a ridiculous selection of one of a kind flies, handmade leather wallets, and crazy awesome trips with some wickedly fishy guides.”
Thank you, James.  You are a gentleman of the sport and an inspiration to many.
What’s Ahead
Local Initiative and Upcoming EventsWith successful builds in Belize and Rwanda completed in 2015, FFC will stay local for the upcoming summer and fall months in order to initiate new local projects and to prepare for new tilapia farms in 2016. The focus of these next few months will be to review and research the many new fish farm applicants from around the world, fundraising for the 2016 fish farm builds, and to initiate a new anti-trafficking project based out of Portland, Oregon. Stay tuned!
In other news, it’s an honor to share that long time collaborator and Redmond, Oregon fly shop, Fin and Fire, will host FFC in their primary sponsor booth at this year’s International Fly Fishers Federation convention. Participants from around the world will converge in Bend, OR starting Thursday, August 13th at 9am and will enjoy many fly fishing related festivities until Saturday night, August 15. Please be sure to drop by to say hello if you’re the Bend area during this time, or have the opportunity to plan an adventurous trip to beautiful Central Oregon.


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