The Lake Trout Were Biting on Flathead Lake
By Hookemharry

Posted: August 17, 2015

IMG_0162.JPGFINLEY POINT -The Captain and crew decided they were going to go fishing today, but did not know exactly where they were going to head given the smoke, variable weather and distance from Missoula. Hookem and the Captain decided they were going to bring ‘Slauterhaus Stephanie’ and ‘Rowdy Rob’ to one of their favorite fishing holes close to home – Flathead Lake. They had heard of catchings here and there but nothing to write home about, so the hopes were not extremely high going into the day, the goal was to get at least one Lake Trout in the boat.

The morning started out chilly, then all of a sudden the clouds left and the sunshine came in. With the sun came our first two Macks caught by ‘Slauterhaus’.

How We Fished

  • Depth: 90-100ft
  • Bait: Frozen Pike Minnow (from Zimmer Tackle)
  • Rig: Dead Bait Setup (see below)



Fish 1 – Slauterhaus Stephanie


Fish 2 – Slauterhaus Stephanie


Fish 3 – Hookem Harry


Fish 4 – Rowdy Rob


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