15 Year Old Bags Monster Montana Elk On Opening Weekend
By rowdyrob

Posted: September 8, 2015

15 year old Zach Kinzler shot his first bull elk with a bow yesterday afternoon while hunting with his dad, Travis, and Kelly Burke from Burke Ranch Outfitters.  After doing a spot and sneak that took nearly two hours, Zach got within 45 yards of the monster bull elk.  Crouched on his knees, Zach drew back his bow and let the arrow fly through the air.  It struck the bull through both lungs with a clean shot, and was down soon after.

Kelly Burke has a strong history of helping his clients get into a good position to take quality shots with their bow.  This proves true as he helped the Bozeman residents Zach and Travis into a spot where Zach took down what is estimated to be a 360 Bull Elk.

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