Bow Hunters Code of Ethics and Rules of Fair Chase
By Toby Trigger

Posted: September 13, 2015

Archery Season is here – do you know the Bow Hunters Code of Ethics?  Or the rules of fair chase?  Here is a copy from our neighbors to the east…NDBA

Code of Ethics

  • I will keep my broadheads razor-sharp.

  • I will not shoot at big game unless I can reasonably expect to put an arrow into a vital area.

  • I will learn the limit of my hunting marksmanship and will not shoot at game at greater distances.

  • I will be sure my equipment is adequate and legal to hunt big game.

  • I will pursue and will recover any wounded animal as soon as practicable.

  • I will continue my search for an arrow-hit animal until there is no longer any possibility of finding it.

  • I will master the art of following a wounded animal until it is found.

  • I will assist a fellow Bowhunter to find a big game animal he has hit with an arrow.

  • I will respect the rule that the first Bowhunter that draws blood and pursues the animal is entitled to the game.

  • I will consider any big game animal hit by an arrow and not recovered as a reproach to the sport of bowhunting.

  • I will always abide by the big game laws of North Dakota and will cooperate with Game and Fish personnel at all times.

  • I will learn the rules of “Fair Chase” and will abide by them.

The Rules of Fair Chase

An animal taken under any of the following circumstances shall not be in accordance with the rules of “Fair Chase”:

  • Helpless in, or because of deep snow, or helpless on ice.

  • While swimming.

  • Helpless in a trap.

  • While confined behind fences as on farms, etc.
    In defiance of game laws or out of season.

  • By “Jacklighting” or shining at night.

  • From any power vehicle or boat.

  • By use of any power vehicle for herding or driving any animals, including the use of aircraft for landing alongside of any animal or herd, or to communicate with or direct a hunter on the ground.
    By the use of any tranquilizers, poisons or firearms.

  • Any other method considered as unsportsmanlike by the North Dakota Bowhunters Association.

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