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Bozeman/Butte Recreation Report by Bob Ward’s Sports and Outdoors (9.4.15)
By angelamontana

Posted: September 4, 2015

Hunting:  This weekend is opening day of archery for general deer and elk. Hunting gear is out so pick up your favorite calls and clothing or restock on arrows and broad-heads.

Bozeman Fishing:

Gallatin River:

Fishing on the Gallatin River has started to improve as we move into Fall fishing mode. Water temperatures are cooling down and the fish are happy. Dry fly fishing has been solid during the day, with Hopper/Dropper combos still getting the job done. If you’re looking for solitude, the Yellowstone National Park stretch fishes great this time of year, however you will need the Yellowstone Park permit.

Fly Suggestions:

Morrish Hopper #8-12
Hippy Stomper #14
Trude #14-16
Diamond Soft Hackle #14-16
Girdle Bug #6-8


Madison River: Upper

September begins some of the best months for fishing on the Upper Madison River. As water temperatures continue to cool, look for some Fall BWOs to show themselves on cooler, cloudy days. When it’s nice out, fishing smaller terrestrials such as Ants and Beetles will be the ticket. Don’t be afraid to go subsurface with small baetis and caddis nymphs.

Fly Suggestions:

Purple Haze #14-18
Cinnamon Ant #14-16
Foam Beetle #14-16
Micro May #16-18
Caddis Pupa #16


Madison River: Lower

The Lower Madison River has been one of the better local float stretches lately. Those who have been getting out early and running a crayfish/dropper combo have been getting into some nice fish. Running the hopper tight to the deep banks will get you some fish as well. Feel free to fish here all day, as water temps are good and Hoot Owl is gone!

Fly Suggestions:

Thin Skin Crayfish #4-6
Bow River Bugger #4-6
Pheasant Tail Nymph #14-18
Para Madam X #10-12
Yellowstoner #8-10


Missouri River:

While nymph fishing has been consistent, both the Missouri River dry fly and streamer bite have been dependent on the day. Cloudy days seem better for streamer and Callibaetis action. Sunny days are more of a terrestrial game – Ants, Beetles, and Hoppers. Look for things to really pick up soon as we move into Fall Caddis and Pseudos.

Fly Suggestions:

Power Ant #14-16
Morrish Hopper #8-12
Beetle #12-16
Callibaetis Spinner #14-16
SH Copper John #16-18


Yellowstone River:

The Yellowstone has been one of the better options for float fishing, and should continue to fish well as we move into September. If you’re looking for Hopper fishing, this is the place to find it. Some of the lower floats have been providing solid terrestrial action. If you want to go up high, try smaller attractors and nymph rigs.

Fly Suggestions:

Girdle Bugger #6-8
Prince Nymph #14-16
Foam Hopper #10
409 #12-14
Royal Wulff #14-16


Butte Fishing:

Fishing has been good in Southwest Montana. Cooler temperatures and a little rain has helped the fisheries.

The Big Hole River is seeing an increase in Spruce Moth activity. Grasshopper patterns have been very effective this past week.

The Beaverhead and Ruby River are fishing well this week as well. Sparkle minnows, Joes Hoppers, or Muddler Minnows have been good choices. Trico hatches have still been good, however, most fish are hanging close to the bottom.

Cutthroat catches have been abundant in the mountain lakes of the Big Hole Valley and Pintler mountains. Banks Bees, Adams, Black Ant, or other terrestrials have been most effective.

The Jefferson river is seeing better fishing with Hopper activity, however, hoot owl restrictions are still in effect over the entire river.

The Upper Missouri is hot fishing presently Harper Lake showing a lot of activity to trollers.

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