Few States Offer Velvet Buck Hunting Opportunities
By Toby Trigger

Posted: September 19, 2015

There aren’t very many states that offer white tailed deer hunting opporunities when bucks are still in velvet. Montana is one of them.

Curtis Fessler, a Bitterroot Valley resident took his first full velvet buck last weekend with a single arrow while hunting from his tree stand along the river.

The buck is nice 4 x 4 by the heavily heavily hunted “Bitterroot standards” but the best part of this buck is the fact that the velvet is fully intact.

Hunters who want the chance to hunt vevet antlered bucks have limited options and must travel to states like Montana, Idaho, Wyoming or North Dakota for prime hunting opportnities.

Each of these states offers extremely limited opportunities during the season to take a velvet antlered buck with seasons beginning September 1st but the odds are better than most states. Other states have localized huntng opportunites within special management units for velvet bucks but Montana residents have some of the best hunting anywhere in the world – including early season hunting of America’s number one game animal.

Congratulations Curtis!

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