Pig Discovered to Have Blue Fat
By angelamontana

Posted: September 14, 2015

A recent post on alloutdoor.com revealed something very unusual…check out this story, and let us know 1) if you think it is true–especially with photoshop capabilities these days 2) if you have ever seen or heard of anything similar:

A man from Morgan Hill, CA posted about how he shot a pig on their ranch and noticed that it had blue fat. They did not start cutting open the pig until they had strapped it to the ATV and driven back home so most of the blood has left the pigs body at this point. They have also shot wild pigs on the ranch before and none of them have been blue.

They are sending in a sample to UC Davis to see the cause of this, but if anyone knows please feel free to comment.

Apparently, the “all the fat within the body was consistently stained blue. Its meat and blood however, were of normal color.”


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