The Captain’s Top Montana Trout Lures
By rowdyrob

Posted: September 30, 2015

The Captain has put together his TOP Eleven Montana Trout Lures for you to view. This past spring and fall he has fished Holter and Canyon Ferry Reservoirs regularly.  After trying everything in his tackle box, the Captain has decided that these are the most effective trout lures and would like to share them with you. They have proven to catch larger and more fish than any other lures in his tackle box. We know that every trout angler has their favorite set-up and we would like to hear about yours as well!   If you have any tips that help you catch more fish then please share them with us.  Speaking of tips, after you take a look at the Top Eleven lures, the Captain will share a tip with you to help you keep trout on once you have them hooked. Enjoy the Top Eleven!

11 lures that the Captain and his Crew use regularly to catch trout all across the great state of Montana.

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