Duck, Duck, GOOSE….times 40!
By angelamontana

Posted: October 26, 2015

collinIn early October, Collin Griffiths, Sales Manager with an 11-year history at Bretz RV & Marine, headed north with a few buddies.  When I say north, I mean Canada north–Alberta to be exact.  The four waterfowl hunters found exactly what they were after up there, too.  Collectively, the group took down 120 geese and ducks, while Collin himself took 40.

Collin is not new to the duck and goose hunting scene, as he has been waterfowl hunting for 24 years, and he still loves every second of it, as you can see.  His Remington Versa Max 12 gauge did not let him down on this trip, either.

Not only is Collin a veteran waterfowl hunter, but he is also an avid big game hunter and angler. From feshwater to salt water, Collin has done it all.  He and his buddies were happy with the turnout of their Canadian bird hunting trip, and now Collin is on a mission to get his bull back here in Montana, and then his focus will shift back to fishing for a while.

Great job to Collin and crew, and we look forward to seeing more of your hunting and fishing success stories here on in the near future!  Also, if you’re interested in purchasing an RV or fishing boat, make sure you ask for Collin when you go to Bretz RV & Marine!  Don’t forget to ask him to show you his antelope and mule deer and steelhead on display in the Bretz RV & Marine showroom while you’re there!


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