Wader Wunderwear? (by Montana Grant)
By angelamontana

Posted: October 19, 2015

wadersWaders are like kilts. Folks always wonder what you are wearing underneath! This intimate topic is also a reality for comfort, dryness, and warmth.

Years ago, I bought my Father his first pair of waist high neoprene waders. I told him that they feel like you are wading naked and comfortable compared to heavy and hot traditional waders. Perhaps I should have been a little clearer. After a long day of fishing the Wind River in Wyoming, my Dad was bragging about how right I was about his new waders. ”These new waders feel great” he said as he pulled them down. He understood me to say that you don’t wear anything under the waders like the kilted Scots in Braveheart! OMG! TMI! Nothing to bring you to reality like a buck naked 80 year old man! After we were done with our nausea, we instructed Dad in the proper way to wear his waders.

Wader underwear starts with a decent pair of socks or to. A polypropolene liner sock is a thin and comfortable start. This sock will wick away any moisture. Next put on a pair of compression Under Armor that not only adds warmth but is skin tight.

Compression wear is a wonderful performance product that athletes and outdoorsmen should try. These tight but comfortable garments give support to the joints and improve the blood flow in our bodies. As we age, warm circulating blood is essential to stay warm and pump energy into our muscles. It is also important to not wear bulky garments inside our waders or layered hunting wear.

Footwear inserts are also a good idea. Most boot foot waders do not have much of an insole. If you add a more substantial insert is needed to ensure comfort and proper fit. The layers and thickness of socks is determined by the boot size. I have found that it is best to buy waders one foot size larger than your foot. This allows you to put the waders on and off more easily. Using socks and liners will comfortably make up the space.

Always allow your waders to dry completely. This will protect and fumigate your wader wear. A little baking soda or a spritz of Frabreeze also limits odor.

Wear your waders bold and proud!

Montana Grant

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