By Kamp Cook

Posted: November 10, 2015


The bite is on! I had a great beginning to fall whitefishing at the armed Forces Memorial bridge West of Polson Saturday Evening, November 7, 2015. My dog Molly and I rowed my little boat out from Riverside Park. The night was dead calm. I generally like a mild chop to break up the surface. The fish seem to be more active and less spooky under those conditions. None the less, it was the best start I’ve had in several years. I landed 17 lake whitefish and 2 mountain (see picture) whitefish. NO lake trout yet. The whitefish seem to be running larger than in the past. I ended up with close to 2 ½ gallons of fillets.
Fishing light is the rule. Light and super ultra light rods, flora carbon leaders attached to 8 or 10 lb test braided line, size 10 to size 6 flies above bait, often changed is the formula for best success from a boat. To fish from the bridge I like to use a 9 to 11 foot crappie rod and a heavier bottom weight. Everything else the same as from a boat.
Because they came in later and their numbers seem to be up I’m thinking this could be the year when a cooler of white fish isn’t unusual especially as water temperatures drop and they become more active.
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