How Do Elk Stay Safe During Montana’s Rifle Season?
By angelamontana

Posted: November 24, 2015

There are so many elk that manage to escape being put on peoples’ dinner plates during Montana’s hunting season–but, how do they stay safe?  Where do they hide?  Or do they hide at all?  Well, during a drive to our hunting spot last weekend, I found the answer to what one elk does.

There is a ranch with horses that we pass every time we hunt, and I always watch for coyotes and wolves in the area, as a wolf was spotted racing across the field a few years ago on that ranch.  It is funny to be scanning the area for movement without thinking about much and to see a calf elk among a group of horses…all day.  There is a calf that was spotted there with the horses by others as far back as two weeks ago.

I am convinced it thinks it is a horse.  It literally just hangs out with the horses on that ranch and eats…and probably makes horse sounds.  It was not interested in our cow call, so I am pretty sure it forgot how to speak “elk”.  I just wonder if the calf is aware that we know it is not a horse.  I suppose it doesn’t matter either way, as it chose the right location and group of animals to blend in with–definitely a safe zone there.

So, the next time you’re wondering where the elk are–check out livestock in the area.

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