10 Not-So-Known Facts about Montana
By angelamontana

Posted: December 8, 2015


1.)  Montana has the slowest average Internet speed in the country. People living in Estonia, Kazakstan, and Madagascar have a faster average Internet speed than those of us who live in Montana.

2.)  Six towns in America are named Montana:  Montana, Arkansas; Montana, Kansas; Montana, New Jersey; Montana, Ohio; Montana, Wisconsin; and Montana, West Virginia. However, there are no towns in Montana named Arkansas, Kansas, New Jersey, Ohio, Wisconsin, or West Virginia.

3.)  Montana was the first state to repeal its enforcement of the prohibition of alcohol in 1926.

4.)  It is against the law for a woman in Helena, Montana to dance on a table in a bar unless she is wearing 3.125 lbs. of clothing.

5.)  Though Montana is one of the coldest states in the U.S., it is home to seven different types of cactuses, six species of lizards, one breed of scorpion, and a thriving population of tropical fish in Ruby Lake near Madison, Montana.

6.)  The largest fish ever caught in Montana was a 77-inch, 142 lbs. 8 oz. paddlefish caught on the Missouri River near James Kipp Recreation Area in 1973.

7.)  Prior to becoming President of the United States, then New York State Assemblyman Theodore Roosevelt found himself in a hotel in Mingusville (now Wibaux), Montana where he punched out a drunken bully who teased him about his glasses.

8.)  There is one horse for every seven people living in Montana. Only Wyoming and South Dakota have more horses per capita than Montana.

9.)  Slippery Ann is a popular destination for wildlife enthusiasts who want to observe wild elk in their natural habitat. It gets its name from nearby Slippery Ann Creek…which was named after Cyprian Matt; a notorious fur trader who operated a trading post near there in the 1880s. Somewhere along the way Cyprian Creek became Siparyann Creek, which became Slippery Ann Creek.

10.)  Helena, Montana had the electric service installed in August 1882. New York City did not have electric service installed until a month later.

(Information via toddklassy.com)

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