$20,000 Reward and Fish to Kill Regulation for Walleye in Swan Lake
By rowdyrob

Posted: December 11, 2015

In a follow up article on the illegal introduction of walleye into Swan Lake, the Missoulian reports that the reward for prosecution of the person(s) responsible has been upped to nearly $25,000.  Montana Trout Unlimited members posted a $20,000 reward and the Montana Angler’s forum another $4,500.   Montana Trout Unlimited Executive Director told the commission that he has had it and shared that there have been over 600 illegal introductions of fish species in recent years.   Along with the reward, efforts are being made to try and erase the damage that has been done.  A catch and kill regulation has been set ordering all anglers that catch a walleye in Swan Lake to kill them, report the catch to the FWP and bring in the dead fish for examination. If anyone has any information about this story, please call 1-800-tip-mont.


Read the full Missoulian Article here

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