New Jersey Boy Scout Leader vs Hibernating Black Bear
By rowdyrob

Posted: December 30, 2015

On December 20th in New Jersey, 50 year old boy scout master Chris Petronino took a group of boy scouts on an unorganized outing to enjoy the spring-like weather while hiking in the woods and checking out some nature features.  The scout master thought it was a good idea to enter a cave in the Rockaway Township hoping to show the younger scouts something neat.  Instead, he interrupted the deep sleep of a hibernating black bear (which doesn’t seem that far fetched as that is what bears do in the winter, they hibernate).  The scout master fought off the bear and barely escaped with his life.  The younger scouts seemed to be the smartest in the group as they did not enter the cave to help, but simply called 911 to explain the situation and their location.  They even offered to start a signal fire.   Petronino was the only adult and barely survived with his life as he had serious wounds to the head, arms and legs.


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