Now What? (by Montana Grant)
By angelamontana

Posted: January 4, 2016

grantmtSo we have survived the holiday season and welcomed in a wonderful NEW YEAR!!!! 2016 seemed so far away years ago. Where has the time gone?

Hunting and Fishing seasons get fewer and more challenging as we age. This is a sad but true fact. I am always preaching that we need to embrace every season because every year is one less. I also preach about how important it is to at least participate as much as we can. The alternative is unpleasant, lonely and sad.

Start the New Year by making an annual wish or Bucket List of what you hope to do this year. Destinations are so important. Maybe a Canada fly in trip is in order. Outdoor Shows provide venues filled with wonderful and exciting destinations. Perhaps a hunting trek to Alaska or new area in your state is in order. Teaching family and friends always inspires us to stay afield.

Younger readers are thinking that I am crazy but that’s because they still feel immortal. After a long life and the loss of friends and family, that will change. I may think like a 19 year old but my body knows different. Like the joke says, you won’t be asking Saint Peter for more time to work!

If you are not sure what to do, start by tying some flies or reloading ammunition. This is a great way to spend the winter months in your cave. Watch some videos and Google some destination ideas.

You can also look into your freezer and plan some wild game and fish dinners. Meals of delicious and healthy wild game have a way of inspiring us to become Hunters and Gatherers once again.

Whatever you do, don’t sit too long in your Lazy Boy chair and watch too much TV while pigging out on too much junk food. It is funny how Bears hibernate and live off their fat while humans fatten up over the winter.

Move more and eat less. Think healthy and start planning for your future adventures. We may be older but we are still dying to hunt and fish. Our trekking may be slower and require more Advil but we can still celebrate another season. If someone finds us dead along a trout stream or in a hunting stand, that is their problem.

What a way to go!

Montana Grant

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