Popsicle Car Formed Overnight
By angelamontana

Posted: January 18, 2016

“Justin Yelen, 24, parked his Mitsubishi Lancer overnight next to Lake Erie in Buffalo, New York, while going out for drinks with friends last Sunday evening. After going to pick it up the next day, he found his car frosted with inch-thick ice.” (via iflscience.com)

The article stated that the “popsicle car” was likely the result of 47 mph winds last week that pushed the waves up and over on the car repeatedly.  Combined with freezing temperatures….yeah.  There’s your result.  This makes a person think twice before parking near a large body of water in windy weather in the winter time.

Yelen’s comment to the local news crew at the scene was, “I hope summer comes soon.”

popsicle (photos via Hannah Buehler)

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