What’s In Your Pants? (by Montana Grant)
By angelamontana

Posted: February 22, 2016

knfiePants are the perfect place to carry a knife. Whether it is in your pocket or on your belt, knives define the kind of outdoorsman you are.

The first part of my pants that wears out is my pocket! I carry a small Swiss Army knife every time that I wear them. This inexpensive knife has a main blade, a screwdriver/opener, and a wine cork remover. Everything the typical Mr. Fix-It Outdoorsman needs. I have cleaned critters and fish, tightened loose screws, cut string and rope, opened boxes, and saved the day when it was time to open a wine bottle or fixed cap microbrew.

The kind of knife that we carry reflects our personality. Many of us once carried Boy Scout knives. These simple multi tool style knives were probably the first knife that made us bleed. Scouts would hang this knife from a hook on their belts since it was too bulky for an in the pocket carry. This classic says that we are Prepared!

Sheath Knives advertise that we are packing! As long as the length of the blade is less than 4-6 inches, depending on local laws, we can open carry. This style knife is a perfect personal protection tool but not the best for routine cuts or much else. Most folks that carry huge knives in public may be compensating for something else. These big knives in the field may reflect a desire to be a Mountain Man or celebrate “The Revenant”.

Multi-tools define folks that are more professional and problem solvers. The clean and holster carried tool is always at the ready to tackle most quick fixes. I find that I use the plier part of the multi-tool the most. This is the perfect tool for teachers, store associates, and outdoorsmen.

Clip on knives attach to the inside top of the pocket for quick access. I find that mine often gets hooked on something and flops out. These blades also have a fast open feature that allows you to flash your blade quickly. These bigger knives allow you to still address your size concerns but with a more discreet carry style.

No-Knifers are more concerned about fashion than being helpful. Camping is an alien adventure that they may include a motel room but certainly not a tent. They depend on others to be problem solvers and are usually spectators when there is a dilemma. Unwilling No Knifers may have lost their blades and image when they last boarded a plane!

What’s in Your Pants?

Montana Grant

For more Montana Grant, visit his website at www.montanagrantfishing.com

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