Get Out There!
By angelamontana

Posted: March 9, 2016

If you love weekend getaways, then Montana is a great place to be…of course, you have to be a resident or be a temporary visitor, as Montana is full for any new residents. ūüėČ ¬†BUT, for the vacationers and current residents, we have some great places to visit¬†in this state–especially hot springs! ¬†We have done several posts on hot springs in the past, and it is that time again. ¬†The temperatures are warming up, but they aren’t that warm yet…so, find that warmth you’re craving in some hot springs! ¬†There are a couple that I have hiked to that are not commercialized, and I am not going to include how to get to those here (what can I say–I like that we are the only ones there when we go), but there are some very cool¬†weekend getaways (that include hot springs) which¬†I personally recommend at least checking out. ¬†They are good for any type of getaway–romantic, friendly AND family-oriented! ¬†Here are three:

  1. jacksonhotspringsJackson Hot Springs – (Jackson, MT) Now THIS is an awesome place. ¬†If you love non-typical racks, you will definitely want to hang out in the bar/lounge area. ¬†We sat by the fireplace on a comfy couch and sipped our drinks by firelight, while people watching and listening to some awesome tunes. ¬†The rooms are awesome and rustic–cabin-like. ¬†The best part? NO TVs!!! ¬†Jackson is located in the Big Hole and is worth the drive any day. ¬†I can’t wait to go back! ¬†TIP: If you have the AMI jukebox app, you can play jukebox music from your phone–but, you have to make sure the bartender knows to turn off the radio and the jukebox up! ¬†Love that place.
  2. lost-trail-hot-springs2(Sula, MT) Lost Trail Hot Springs – My favorite part of this place is the hot tub. I love that the hot tub is in its own room…and the water is hot! The pool water is warm, but I always prefer the hot tub. ¬†Even though it could use a good remodel, I still love this place. ¬†I haven’t actually stayed at the location, but I have met and known many skiers who love staying there. ¬†Oh, did I mention there is a sauna, too? ¬†I am always cold. I just can’t get enough heat. ¬†So I, personally, really like those features. ¬†They have a cool little restaurant and bar upstairs that they have open to the deck in the summer, so you can order drinks and/or food as long as you don’t leave the upper or lower deck. ¬†Very convenient. ¬†AND, this place is for sale….
  3. lolohotspringsLolo Hot Springs – (Lolo, MT) I have only been here in the winter….and I love it! ¬†They have a great bar, and the pool is huge. ¬†The location is way out on the famous Highway 12, which I love. ¬†This is awesome for snowmobilers in the winter and motor bikers in the summer. ¬†It is an awesome way to get away without having to go TOO far, yet far enough to get away…if that makes sense. ¬†They have camping spots available for tent campers and RVers. ¬†They also have cabin rentals. ¬†If you have an event out there, which many people do, you can rent their facility, too. ¬†If you haven’t gone here, yet, I suggest it.

It amazes me how many people haven’t taken advantage of everything this¬†insanely incredible¬†state has to offer…especially after being¬†born and raised here! ¬†BUT, it’s never too late to get out there. ¬†Get out there on your motorcycle and experience Montana from two wheels–you can also rent bikes from the Grizzly Harley Davidson. ¬†Check out the hot springs…these are only three of my favorite “commercialized” hot springs…there are so many more, such as Fairmont (which has a huge waterslide), Quinn’s, Jerry Johnson (I have my opinions on this…), the hot springs in Hot Springs¬†(how could you not want to check this out?), Bozeman Hot Springs and MORE! ¬†Visit the state’s national parks! ¬†Glacier National Park and Yellowstone National Park are breathtaking. ¬†Go for a drive to a town you have never been to, and stay the night! ¬†Go for a hike–there are some amazing opportunities to see some beautiful areas that not everybody sees! ¬†Whatever you do…soak it up, live it up and HAVE FUN! ¬†Leave all the stress in your rear view mirror….at least for a weekend.

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